Share without reservation

by Steve

I have blogged about edublogger Stephen Downes before (see my posts The read/write web in academe and Online Learning Daily on Hiatus). One of the things I like about reading his Online Learning Daily blog is that just when I feel like I know where he is coming from, he challenges me a little more.

Take last slide of his presentation How I became (blog) literate:

A final word

  • There is no code, no ethic, that will teach us how to be good bloggers, good teachers, good citizens
  • What matters is that we are honest with ourselves, and that we share without reservation
  • Culture – like literacy – is negotiated, a conversation between ourselves

“Share without reservation…” I guess I have some reservations about that. And I guess Downes must, too, since he wasn’t entirely forthcoming about why he took that hiatus a while back–which is fine: it’s his life and he doesn’t have to share what he doesn’t want to.

But I like that challenge: be honest, share more than you thought you ever could, and create a culture through conversation.